I have been pondering core values.
In the process of it, I realized that part of the reason certain people tune me out in regards to what I do these days is because one of their core values is “skepticism”
I know that sounds like a weird core value. But I believe even my own husband once suffered from this issue.
Holding on so dearly to the fear of being tricked or duped.
“I’m not falling for that!”
“Nobody’s going to trick me and make me feel like a fool!”
If this description fits you– I have a question you should ask yourself-
Has that value been serving you well? Have you reached a lot of goals and dreams with that core value?
Or do you think that core value is likely made mostly of fear? And perhaps causes you to eliminate options based on assumptions (that might not be right)?
Just a thinking point.

I have a challenge for you today. Write down all the ways that being skeptical has served you well over the last 12 months. And on the other side of the paper, write down any instances in which you decided to have faith instead….and reminisce about THAT experience. You MIGHT just learn something about yourself.


Pigs with Necklaces

A grand lesson I learned so far in 2016:
When you have a valid message, concept, idea… and you share it! And something similar to **crickets** happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your message, concept or idea. You MAY just need to change your audience. I picture myself saying something, pointing a particular direction, and my words falling on deaf, stubborn ears. But all I do is change the direction my shoulders are pointing and I have gone from crickets—-to an actual business venture and life-changing information being exchanged.
Don’t cast your pearls before swine.
For what I’ve learned about swine is: They actually quite enjoy the mud they complain about.

Sometimes the Lord has given you a VERY specific message and you decide to try it out on a familiar audience, because, well, “comfort zone”—-

The way I see it, if this has happened to you— you lift up gratitude for the lesson learned from the swine situation, but re-align your shoulders, so your message is pointing to a different audience—and keep on with the message. You likely learned something brand new from the whole “crickets” thing—-so make sure you recognize that with a gratitude moment….and rock on!

If you’re in the middle of a crickets-feeling moment, I encourage you to ask the Lord if it’s the message that’s wrong or the audience—-OR sometimes neither are wrong….and we are just called to be on “repeat” until the swine start listening.

Prayer: Lord, I feel you’ve given me this vision for a purpose. And today, I choose to turn the entire thing over to you. The audience, the volume, the repeat button. Show me what I’m supposed to do. Is there an area in which I try to remain in control? If so, please show me. I’m ready to lay it down. God thank you for lessons, even the ones I still haven’t figured out actually ARE lessons….that mold me and make me into what you intend for me to be, to use me to further your kingdom.  Matthew 7:6 (Pearls before Swine scripture)

In Jesus’ Name— Amen!


What Do YOU Think 2017 Has in Store?

I ask that question, because you probably already know the answer. How often are you surprised?

I write this post in hopes of explaining WHY you already know the answer!

Look what an amazing predictor you are. You always know about any terrible situations even BEFORE They happen! With such prediction skills, you should play the lottery. But you wouldn’t win, right?

I could spend the next 25 sentences trying to convince you HOW I know what I’m talking about here. But I’d rather give you a little experiment to try. It doesn’t require a trip to Walmart either. You already have everything you need.  If you’re able to:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe slowly.
  3. Concentrate on something that makes your heart smile
  4. Keep doing this for 3 minutes—–

    Then you’ve already got what it takes to take this experiment/challenge straight into 2017 with you! Put your hand   on your heart, if it helps. Still your mind. Breathe. Concentrate on your breathing.

    I call this skill “Be still and know!”  It changes the atmosphere around you. Imagine chaos in the air all around you. Now imagine it completely neutralized. NOW, lift up your prayers, your positive affirmations.  Now RE-imagine! If you would have predicted something to be dreadful, re-imagine the opposite.  Do this challenge for the first 30 days of 2017, and report back here about what changes in your life. For more info on WHY this works, stay tuned. We’ve only just begun!