I have been pondering core values.
In the process of it, I realized that part of the reason certain people tune me out in regards to what I do these days is because one of their core values is “skepticism”
I know that sounds like a weird core value. But I believe even my own husband once suffered from this issue.
Holding on so dearly to the fear of being tricked or duped.
“I’m not falling for that!”
“Nobody’s going to trick me and make me feel like a fool!”
If this description fits you– I have a question you should ask yourself-
Has that value been serving you well? Have you reached a lot of goals and dreams with that core value?
Or do you think that core value is likely made mostly of fear? And perhaps causes you to eliminate options based on assumptions (that might not be right)?
Just a thinking point.

I have a challenge for you today. Write down all the ways that being skeptical has served you well over the last 12 months. And on the other side of the paper, write down any instances in which you decided to have faith instead….and reminisce about THAT experience. You MIGHT just learn something about yourself.