Pigs with Necklaces

A grand lesson I learned so far in 2016:
When you have a valid message, concept, idea… and you share it! And something similar to **crickets** happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your message, concept or idea. You MAY just need to change your audience. I picture myself saying something, pointing a particular direction, and my words falling on deaf, stubborn ears. But all I do is change the direction my shoulders are pointing and I have gone from crickets—-to an actual business venture and life-changing information being exchanged.
Don’t cast your pearls before swine.
For what I’ve learned about swine is: They actually quite enjoy the mud they complain about.

Sometimes the Lord has given you a VERY specific message and you decide to try it out on a familiar audience, because, well, “comfort zone”—-

The way I see it, if this has happened to you— you lift up gratitude for the lesson learned from the swine situation, but re-align your shoulders, so your message is pointing to a different audience—and keep on with the message. You likely learned something brand new from the whole “crickets” thing—-so make sure you recognize that with a gratitude moment….and rock on!

If you’re in the middle of a crickets-feeling moment, I encourage you to ask the Lord if it’s the message that’s wrong or the audience—-OR sometimes neither are wrong….and we are just called to be on “repeat” until the swine start listening.

Prayer: Lord, I feel you’ve given me this vision for a purpose. And today, I choose to turn the entire thing over to you. The audience, the volume, the repeat button. Show me what I’m supposed to do. Is there an area in which I try to remain in control? If so, please show me. I’m ready to lay it down. God thank you for lessons, even the ones I still haven’t figured out actually ARE lessons….that mold me and make me into what you intend for me to be, to use me to further your kingdom.  Matthew 7:6 (Pearls before Swine scripture)

In Jesus’ Name— Amen!



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